Minggu, 09 Agustus 2015

it's me

Hi guys, my name is Laila Soraya Nurnovianti. I was born in Bandung on 20 november 2000. I was born in a hospital Boromeus, I was born at 7 pm, and that's the reason why my name is Laila, because in Arabic it means night. I live in Bandung, I grew up in Bandung, all things, all the activities I do in Bandung. I love listening the songs, reading novels, and watching movies. Sometimes I also like to write short stories. some novels that often I read it sometimes leafs thick and heavy if I brought a lot of thick novel every day. My favorite color is black and white, because it is a neutral color, I do not know I just like the color. I was the youngest of 4 siblings, I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. My sister and one of my brothers are married. I and my brother are very close to the latter. We fight a lot, but not really a fight, just play.
My father worked as a teacher, my father was only a teacher, but I am proud to have a father as he is a good, firm, smiling, and certainly he is a hero to me. And my mom is just a housewife,she was just a housewife, but he is also a hero to for me because I've given birth to the world, where she is pitted all my complaints, my mother would make her shoulder to lean my place if I was tired, my mother was the most powerful of all the family will do. My mother is everything to me, without her I would not be born into this world. My family was not wealthy family, nor a family that has a lot of flaws or often called poor people. My family is a family of simple, happy, do not have a shortage, and they overlap, and loving one another. On weekends, sometimes my family stay at home and watch a movie, or we walk the road to a place that is yet to visit.
when I first entered elementary school, my age was 6 years. My primary school was in a place that is not a lot of people know it. I attended elementary school jakapurwa 1. when I've graduated elementary school I went to junior high school. My school is a lot of people know, because it is people often pass through. I went to junior high school 28 Bandung. and now I've graduated from high school my first. then I went to school where almost every person wants to enter the school. I attended high school 3 bandung, I just entered the school about 2 weeks ago. the people here are very friendly to everyone, they always smile, say hello, they are very polite and well mannered. So this is a blog about me, told me about my life and about myself. thanks for reading