Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

Yesterday At Dragon Village

On May 10, 2016. We, social class went to the dragon village. We leave at 7 am, and then we were given a breakfast at 8 am. Before heading to the dragon village, we headed Pulo village first. A trip taken for 2 hours. For 2 hours some sleeping, some listening to the song, oh I forget something. There are five teachers who participated in the trip. Economics teacher, Mrs. Dida. Sociology teacher, Mrs. Kurniati. Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Sri. Math teacher, Mrs. Wulan. And the last one social class guardian, Mr. Dhoni. then we get to the village of Pulo and Cangkuang temple at 10 am. to go to the village of Pulo and Temple Cangkuang we have to cross the river in advance, using rafts. after that we reached the village of Pulo, before we pass several craft shops for souvenirs. Pulo village time until we can see six houses and one small mosque. in the village of Pulo only are allowed only 7 houses, and mosques there are calculated as the building.

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