Minggu, 12 Juni 2016

Quiz!! (Don't forget to read my blog about song and place😉)

1. My mama said that it was ok
Mama said that it was quite alright
Our kind of “............”
And it was ok
A. Cause we were good kids
B. That it was quite alright
C. People had a bed for the night
D. Told us never listen to the ones

2. what is the meaning in the song "Mama Said”....(essay)
3. How many words “Mama” in one stanza?
A. 5
B. 3
C. 6
D. 1
4. In what year the song was published?
A. 2013
B. 2014
C. 2016
D. 2015
5. How many stanzas in Mama Said song?
A. 10
B. 5
C. 8
D. 9
6. Who singer "Mama Said"?
A. Justin Burner
B. Harry Styles
C. Lukas Graham
D. Zayn Malik
7. How large can the duration of the song?
A. 04.00
B. 03.50
C. 03.26
D. 02.59
8. whether Lukas co-wrote the song?
A. Yes
B. Not
C. Both are true
D. Both were wrong
9. Who play an important role in this song?
A. Justin Burner
B. Zayn Malik
C. Nick Jonas
D. Lukas Graham
10. The song "Mama Said" was in any album? (essay)
11. What is the height of Mount Bromo?
A. 2.500 m above sea level
B. 3.000 m above sea level
C. 2.392 m above sea level
D. 2.458 m above sea level
12. How many rungs on Mount Bromo?
A. 300
B. 400
C. 250
D. 190
13. Designation of what is often people refer to Mount Bromo?
A. Lautan Api
B. Lautan Air
C. Lautan Angin
D. Lautan Pair
14. Mount Bromo where the specifications?
A. Probolinggo Regency
B. Cianjur Regency
C. Tasikmalaya Regency
D. Garut Regency
15. To climb the stairs at Mount Bromo we could use ...
A. Horse
B. Plane
C. Jet
D. Sheep
16. Where is located dusun bamboo? (essay)
17. Where is the address? (essay)
18. What is the price of a ticket to enter the dusun bamboo? (essay)
19. What time the dusun bamboo started to be opened? (essay)
20. What time the dusun bamboo started to shut down? (essay)

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